Introducing BlueWing 2.0

It’s been almost five months exactly since we launched BlueWing with an email to family and friends. A ton has happened since then. Here’s an update on where we stand right now.

A More Focused Positioning

When we first started, we offered “full-stack brand publishing.” We could do blogging, social media, PPC, SEO, and all the other fixings of a brand-as-publisher strategy. We quickly learned there was already a term for this: inbound marketing. The thing is, “inbound marketing” companies are a dime a dozen. We needed to find a niche.

One of our first clients was 49co:, a business development platform for independent agencies. Between the validation of finding quick work, counseling from 49co:’s founder, plus the New York Times-approved trend that creative talent is ditching big agencies for boutique shops, we decided to embrace “accelerated inbound marketing for independent agencies.” We still work with clients that don’t fit this profile, but going forward, this is how we’ll be focusing the majority of our business development and marketing.

Brand New Website

Take a look around! We think it does a much better job representing our brand than version one, which has hacked together by someone with no design expertise. (Me.) We learned the hard way that cheap people pay twice.

A White Paper We’re Really Proud Of

If you have 20 minutes and really want to dive into our process, a culmination of everything we’ve learned in the last 5 months, you should downlod our Accelerated Inbound Marketing Playbook for Independent Agencies.

We Became a HubSpot Partner Agency

HubSpot is a monster company and possibly the most important player in the inbound marketing world. Becoming a partner agency has given us the tools to create a scalable process with the backend technology to support it.

We Got Facebook Blueprint Certified

It took $300, lots of studying and two proctored exams, but we are officially certified to crush Facebook campaigns for clients big and small.

We Became a Proposify Partner

If your business requires sending out proposals, you need to hop on the Proposify bandwagon. Let us know if you end up signing up.

The Weekly Newsletter is Coming Back

Our newsletter will kick back up in the New Year and reflect our new positioning. We’re still obsessed with media and publishing, but the articles, both produced by us and curated from others, will focus more on the growing world of boutique agencies.