8 Examples of B2B Marketing Success on Facebook

When we think of modern-day B2B marketing, our thoughts instantly go to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the network to find and connect with businesses to generate leads. But it isn’t the only network where brands can experience B2B marketing success. Facebook is surprisingly one of the best channels for B2B brands to connect with professionals. Don’t believe us? Here are eight examples of brands who have found B2B marketing success on Facebook.


Facebook likes: 575,347

Specializing in “hardware and software” isn’t a very glamourous brand to follow on Facebook, but that doesn’t stop 575,000 people from liking its page. That’s because Oracle’s Facebook page understands that visuals matter. Their posts are a combination of captioned videos, text-heavy images, graphic-led blog posts and links to C-suite interviews that explain Oracle’s competitive advantage that catch the eye of a casual visitor and draw individual attention to each post. Oracle proves you can make anything interesting if the visuals are engaging enough.


Facebook likes: 819,515

Cisco describes itself as the company that “helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected.” Connection is a big theme on its Facebook page, whether its promoting how Cisco is connecting with workers in Mexico or how it provides wireless solutions for small businesses. Cisco’s Facebook page may celebrate itself a little too much, but it’s still found a connection with its audience in terms of engagement numbers and shares.


Facebook likes: 603,394

Salesforce treats its Facebook page as another extension of its PR arm by featuring the latest news and product announcements the company is launching. But that doesn’t stop it from having over 600,000 likes on Facebook. In many ways, that’s because it heavily features C-suite content into the mix. Whether it is an interview with its CEO or a Medium post, Salesforce prioritizes its leadership’s content to great effect. When it’s not promoting thought leadership, Salesforce focuses on philanthropic efforts that showcases its company culture, proving that sometimes promotion is the key to B2B marketing success after all.


Facebook likes: 1,669,641

ICYMI, science is cool again, if GE’s record-shattering. GE is no stranger to creating great, surprising content (see: their excellent podcast The Message) around science, technology and innovation and its Facebook page is no exception. GE understands that the true value of Facebook isn’t to promote products or leads, but to connect with a greater audience through a shared desire for knowledge. Thus, its Page is filled with articles that delve into topics—AI, programming, big data, power plants, energy—that broadcast GE’s values, proving that B2B content isn’t just for professionals, but for people too.


Facebook likes: 1,653,587

How does a B2B commerce platform appeal to 1.6 million people on Facebook? By ignoring commerce altogether. Shopify would rather use its page to appeal to the entrepreneurs on the internet who seek advice and community, leaning heavily on the aspiring entrepreneurs who can one day use their commerce platform to sell their own products and services. Their Facebook page functions like a RSS-feed for their content, which features a mix of case studies, personal stories of success and failures of entrepreneurs, best practices and tips to thrive as a business. Above all else, Shopify’s page is a masterclass in thinking more about your audience than your products.


Facebook likes: 262,427

You gotta love a company that’s willing to mispronounce its own name as Mailkimp in its ads. Its approach to managing its Facebook page is no different. A colorful, playful mix of original graphics, gifs, whitepapers, guides and blog posts, Mailchimp uses its page not only to promote to connect with. Look at any post on the page and you’ll see a conversation in the comments between Mailchimp and its customers about customer support and even best practices.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Facebook likes: 590,545

Creative professionals are often overlooked in the B2B space, but thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud’s marketing, those professionals are celebrated. The Facebook page links to stories celebrating creatives and their professional work as often as it promotes product launches and updates, tutorials, contests, challenges and best practice blog posts. It’s one of Facebook’s best hubs for creative professionals.


Facebook likes: 9,276,460

With its humanistic approach, the page focuses less on its products and more on how their products and initiatives help the people behind B2B and B2C businesses. Mixing animation, video and featured stories, Microsoft surprisingly does not post too frequently on its page—maybe once every other day—and yet it boasts over 9 million likes. Less is in fact more.