14 Publications Every Agency Principal Should Be Reading

We live in the Age of Information overload. With so much coming at us, it’s difficult to keep up with our reading lists. Because of this overbearing trend, it’s especially important for agency principals to understand how the way people interact with brands is changing. Snapchat’s in today, but what about tomorrow? To help stay up to speed, here’s our list of 14 best advertising publications that every agency principal should be reading.


It doesn’t matter if your speciality is media, magazines, newspapers, television, social channels—AdWeek a must for anyone immersed in a creative business environment. If you’re seeking a macro and micro look at the state of advertising, this publication is your first stop.

Advertising Age

At 84 years old, this trade publication has a reputation for being an authoritative voice in the marketing world. Advertising Age continues to provide insightful marketing industry news and information about the world’s biggest brands.

Fast Company

For a look into the minds of forward-thinking, progressive business people, look no further than Fast Company. The 20 plus year-old magazine features innovative brands that are changing the future of work across three major verticals, Co.Create, Co.Design and Co.Exist.

HOW Magazine

HOW Magazine features today’s hottest tips, tutorials, trends and more about graphic design and its related disciplines.

The Drum

The largest marketing publication in Europe, The Drum believes that “marketing can change the world.” That motto is felt in its globally-minded editorial, which features a healthy mix of US, European and Asian marketing coverage for its US, Europe and Asian-Pacific publications.

The Next Web

The Next Web is a favorite among marketers for two simple reasons: it looks pretty, and its content on the latest on tech-media is high quality. TNW dives deep into presenting the tech and media news through a distinctly non-American lens, and often breaks stories you won’t find elsewhere.


If AdWeek feels overwhelming with its myriad coverage, then Digiday is a perfect remedy. The publisher covers the current (and future) state of four verticals—brands, agencies, platforms and publishers—and is known for its immersive, comprehensive journalistic coverage and breaking scoops. We highly recommend their daily newsletter, which breaks down the day’s five most important stories.

Entrepreneur, Inc and Forbes

As far as subject matter, this trio of holistically-minded business rags are very similar to each other. Entrepreneur is good for the small business and smaller brands marketer, while Inc and Forbes lean towards the corporate marketer.

Direct Marketing News

As covered by Direct Marketing News, direct marketing is doing just fine. In fact, through DMN, you can learn all about the latest DM trends, concerns, case studies and in-depth features about DM and other marketing disciplines.

Internet Retailer

The best marketing publication that solely focuses on digital businesses, Internet Retailer is the authority on the e-commerce space. This is also one of the best publications to catch up on email marketing, affiliate marketing and holiday marketing.

PR Week

PR Week may feel more like a news organization than the other advertising-oriented publications above—particularly because its content focuses on the PR of politics, business and entertainment—but it does a service to marketing professionals by breaking industry news, trends and breakdowns of the biggest PR mishaps and the best PR spin.

Search Engine Journal

Focusing on the backend of search marketing—through SEM, SEO, tech, analytics, and more—Search Engine Journal has carved a unique space for the more-technical advertiser. If you’re seeking information on mobile search stats or SEO updates, SEJ is your new go-to.